Welcome to WOW Videoke Australia

Enjoy amazing high quality audio with our premium videoke consoles! With Music Revolution and Realsound technology, you get videoke songs that are as close to the original as possible. And with Dream SAM Sound module, creates high fidelity (HI-FI) sound and is the standard for all our premium video karaoke machines. All of these is because WOW Videoke is committed to bringing you the highest quality videoke experience possible.

Grand Product Welcome to WOW Videoke Australia
Sing and have a great videoke experience with wonderful built-in video backgrounds. Choose from popular music videos, anime 3D backgrounds, and WOW Philippines picture slideshows that highlight historical sites, lush nature scenes and holiday destination spots. Enjoy singing while enjoying the beauty that the Philippines have to offer as well.

Have a great videoke experience with personalised video backgrounds. Upload your personal pictures or videos at your videoke party, or just add that personal touch by picking the images and videos you want to see while enjoying the premium singing experience from WOW Videoke machine. Enjoy singing while having the option to choose your own video backgrounds as well for that personal touch.

Want to keep those memorable and amazing singing performances? Or do you want to keep a recording of that special song you performed with your friends and loved ones? With the range of WOW Videoke machines, record up to 500 minutes of song performances in the easy to play back mp3 format on the provided internal memory or a SD/USB drive. Record them, upload them to Facebook or YouTube to share with your friends and loved ones. Or maybe just play them back to relive those fantastic videoke memories for a truly wonderful time!

Included is an incredibly complete media experience with our video karaoke machines, as some models include an SD media file reader and a quality videoke machine. Allowing for you to play your audio files, movies, music videos and all other media off your own SD card. All of these features plus a quality Korean manufactured portable videoke machine at very reasonable prices.

To assist you to always sing each song in tune, the new Musical Note display function, consummate singers get a chance to study in careful detail the intricacies of each song. All in aid to help you to unlock the path to your greatness.

Aside from the huge selection of built-in songs on each WOW Videoke machine, add new hits and classics to your premium videoke experience by purchasing additional Music Video Packs that add song and video packs to increase your experience. Music Video Packs are 1GB memory chips loaded with approximately 300 songs and 60 minutes of moving video backgrounds to increase the already extensive built-in song collection. Browse our range of Music Video Packs and view the include songlists to find your favourite classics or the current hit songs.

WOW Videoke’s range is undoubtedly the best portable video karaoke machines available in the marketplace worldwide. WOW Videoke Videoke machines offer the greatest song selection, fantastic sound quality, useful features, most entertaining video, highest build quality and the most exciting technology available for portable videoke machines which allows for you to enjoy the best videoke experience like no other.